Kayaking @Potomac River

Washington DC is a place where you can find exciting activities happening in the city all year round. There is so much to do—Smithsonian museums, long drives to Shenandoah, visiting Great falls or be part of activities happening on the street.

I have lived in Washington, DC for about 2 years now and never took advantage of this place’s offerings. I got busy with college, assignments, and visiting other sites. After leaving DC in January and finally being back after 7 months, I have made a deal with myself to do everything that DC has to offer. Let’s see how the plan works out.

It was my first weekend back in DC and my friends and I decided to go for Kayaking at the Potomac River. Although the temperature was 93 ℉, the weather was enjoyable due to the cloud covering. There are various places in DC where you can go for kayaking such as Potomac River, National Harbor, Great Falls Park, Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. These places offer Kayaking only during summers, typically from April to August, but do check the website before going. We rented out a paddle boat for two from Key bridge boating . It costed us $22, that included a life jacket. You can pay $5 extra to get a locker your belongings. Do keep in mind that you are bound to get wet, at least your lower half, so it will be wise to carry some extra pair of pants/shorts.

At first, I was scared because the boat was small and looked so lanky that it seemed as if it will capsize at any moment. But my friend kept on reassuring me that nothing is going to happen( she had done it already 😎). After 10 minutes, I was in full rowing mode, and we started having a small race amongst ourselves. The weather was amazing. The cold breeze was flowing, and it felt like 70 ℉. After rowing for half an hour, we just held on to our paddles and sat there in our kayak listening to music and enjoying the view.

We were in our kayak for about an hour, of which we rowed for about 45 minutes. It is a good arm workout as it requires a lot of effort, so either be prepared to exercise or just sit with someone who can πŸ˜‹. To get some rest we would just leisurely sit still and let the waves take us wherever they wanted.

Happy Traveling !!!

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