Sister Thai-Mosaic District

I went to Sister Thai to celebrate the birthday of one of my close friend. As the reservation had been made for 10 people they did not give us a table until the whole party arrived. You have to be lucky to get a sitting place at Sister Thai without a reservation especially on a weekend. The place is small and cramped with tables but you still feel as if you have your own space. The interiors are decorated with mismatched furniture, long bookshelves and a variety of flowers. The atmosphere is homey and calming. The restaurant also has a patio which book lovers would enjoy on a bright sunny morning. The restaurant has a cute bakery in front and the chocolate cake is to die for. The menu has a variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Ambiance    7.5/10

The decor is unique and a mismatch of a variety of things that weirdly go together. The only drawback is less space but once you are seated then that inconvenience vanishes.

Servitor  6/10

Our waiter was a little clumsy (he used to pour half water in the glass and half on the floor)may be due to a lot of rush and I could see only 3 waiters who handled a crowd of 30 hungry customers. In spite of a busy kitchen, the food arrived on our table in like 10 min along with the drinks. In the end, I would say that we were satisfied with the service.

Cuisine   9/10

The restaurant offers a medley of food options. Sister Thai had mouthwatering starters. We ordered fried calamari, Spring roll, Chicken Satay, Tod mun pla for starters.  I loved Spring rolls and Tod mun pla. The fish cakes were cooked to perfection such that the fish just melted in my mouth. I felt as if fried calamari was too oily to an extent that I could feel the oil in my throat but the taste was good. For the main course, we ordered Yellow curry, Panang curry with shrimp, chef’s special Gai Grob Kaprow. The star of the main course was Panang curry.

Panang Curry

This curry was a blend of sweet and spicy flavors. The curries were not extremely sweet and would suit every pallet. The spiciness was not so high that you would keep on looking around for water. The Thai spices mixed with coconut milk did wonders for my taste buds. Rest of the dishes were amazing too. The yellow curry was dominated by the flavor of


turmeric and Gai Grob Kaprow is a variety of fried chicken but with a touch of Thai spices.  I love sticky rice and every dish, as usual, came with a small bowl of rice. We also ordered cocktails along with the main course and every drink looked as if it had just come out of a photoshoot. As good as they looked they tasted amazing too.

We ordered a Chocolate cake for the birthday girl and restaurant played the customary happy birthday song for her. If you are head over heels about chocolate like I am then this is a must try for you. The bread was soft as cotton and the cake had a filling of liquid chocolate.

Price  8.5/10

The prices for entrees were fine but curry I thought was a little overpriced according to the quantity. Typically any curry is priced around $16 and is good enough for 1 person but then again it is Virginia that we are talking about. Price should not be a factor that stops you from trying this authentic Thai restaurant.

Ruling  8/10

If you want to have an authentic Thai restaurant with a unique and homely decor then this the place for you.

Bon Appetite!!!



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