Tomato Basil Soup – Recipe

When I came to USA one of the things that I craved most was home-cooked food. One day I felt like having tomato soup and called my mother for guidance. Since then with just a little variation I make tomato soup whenever I miss my home. The best part of the recipe is that it’s simple, easy and fast to cook.


serving 4

For the soup:-
Onion - 1
Roma Tomato-5
Baby Spinach-1 cup
Carrots - 1 cup
Beetroot- 1/2 cup
Garlic Cloves- 4
Ginger-1 Tsp
Green Chili-2

For Bread Crumbs:-
Bread - 4(Cut into squares)
Olive oil- 2 Tsp
Oregano-for garnishing


  1.  Cut the onion, tomato, and carrots in half and put the all other ingredients in a pressure cooker and add three glasses of water.
  2. Let it cook on medium till 4 whistles and then switch off the pressure cooker.
  3. Let the soup cool down a little before churning the boiled vegetables in a mixer.
  4. Once blended, Pour it back into a pot and add water if you think its too thick.
  5. Now add salt and pepper and boil the soup for 5 min.
  6. Garnish with fresh coriander and basil
  7. While serving I like to put cream or ricotta cheese in my soup. Believe me, it tastes amazing.

For Breadcrumbs:-

  1. spread the bread on a baking sheet and sprinkle olive oil and oregano on it.
  2. Pre-Heat oven at 350F.Bake the break for 10 min and check if it’s crispy.


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