The Fall Colors in New Hampshire

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”– George Eliot

Fall, as autumn is referred to in the USA and Canada, not only comes as a reminder of the year closing festivities, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas but also brings with it the fall foliage. Everything is so mesmerizing and colorful. And not visiting some of the visually pleasing places of this season is a sin. Therefore, we made plans to visit New Hampshire to see the colors of the fall.

Somewhere in White Mountains NH


My friend and I took an early morning flight from Washington, DC to Providence, Rhode Island. The rest of the group was coming from Charlotte to Boston Logan airport. Once we landed, we rented an SUV and drove to Logan airport to join others. While driving through Boston, I saw the Boston dockyard and drove by the Charles River. The architecture of Boston is a mix of old and new, and the city looks elegant. I have added it to my list of places to visit. Once we reached New Hampshire, the first stop was the Abenaki tower where we got to view the beautiful sunset from the top of the tower. On our way to Abenaki tower, we saw a huge lake where we decided to stop and just click some pictures. We reached our Airbnb at 5:00 p.m. in the evening and everyone just went instantly to freshen up. For dinner, we decided to try a local Thai restaurant in Laconia, called Lana Thai. I have written a review of this place in this post. At night some of us decided to try our luck with viewing the milky way, and we went off in search of a dark spot. The time we spent in searching the place was a fun thing, but ultimately we had lousy luck, although we did see many constellations, which had lightened up the whole sky. I would say that it was not wholly fruitless.

Day 2

The New Hampshire trip is more like a beautiful long drive. The whole place looks pretty and colorful, and your eyes are charmed with what they see. Regularly, we would stop at random places and enjoy the view in front of us. On the second day, we all woke up and went for breakfast to Kitchen Cravings in Laconia and had some quick omelets and pancakes. I really loved there pumpkin pie and pancakes, they were mouthwatering. Once we all got our sugar rush, we again went off to explore New Hampshire and reached the White Mountains in our expedition. The White Mountains cover a quarter of the ranges of New Hampshire.
We visited the Silver Cascade waterfall, and it looked straight out of a fairy tale (pictured below). We also saw Omni Mount Washington resort but from afar. It looked like some castle. Our original plan was to see the Castle in the Clouds, but unfortunately, due to bad weather that could not be accomplished.

Omni Mount Washington
Silver cascade waterfall

When we were driving within the city we stopped by a local Halloween festival. There were lightened carved pumpkins, many street musicians, small food trucks, and swings. After a long day in the mountains, we decided to have dinner at Patrick’s Pub and Eatery. They had an authentic Irish food and drinks menu. Afterall Irish coffee with a good Irish meal is never a bad idea during cold weather.

Day 3

As we got home late in the night, we decided that who so ever gets up first in the morning can get the breakfast from Kitchen Cravings as that would save us time. So rest of us had breakfast on the way in the car. That was the day to visit Brattleboro in Vermont. Due to the fall colors, the place was colorful and charming. We spent a whole afternoon just exploring the area and hiked to the top of Okemo mountain. On our way back we saw a shop called the Vermont Country Store. We stopped there to buy some maple syrup but ended up purchasing different types of cookies, jams, and butter. Samplers of everything was available, and it was delicious. I would strongly recommend going there and getting your selves a bunch of treats. By the time we left from there, it was already evening and we decided to have dinner on our way back to the house. We found a family-owned cozy Turkish restaurant called Mediterrano in Hillsboro, NH. The food was delish. Once we reached the house, everyone went straight to bed as we had an early morning flight from Boston Logan airport and so had to leave from New Hampshire at 2 a.m.

View from Okemo Mountain

Next morning at 2 a.m., we started the drive to Boston Logan airport. The ride was a little scary due to severely poor visibility due to the fog. We could not even see the car right in front of us. We ended up driving half the way at 20 miles/hr with hazard lights on. We did indeed catch our plane on time, and in the end, I was happy that I planned this trip. Next year I am going to visit a different place to see the wonders of the fall season.

Happy Travelling !!!

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  1. Mayank Kumar Malik says:

    Glad that you are exploring and enjoying your interests. Places you visited and elaborated , really speaks of your clarity of thoughts and command on language. God Bless.

    1. Mahak says:

      Thankyou..really appreciate it

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