Bluestone Lane-West End

Bluestone Lane transports you to Australia with a huge glass pane that spans from floor to ceiling and neutral color with a splash of bright green and golden.  The outdoor, as well as the indoor sitting, is huge. That is why, getting a table is not a problem and bluestone lane does not offer reservations, Its first come First serve.


Attached to the cafe is west end library, which offers a wide array of book, DVDs and audio collection. The library along with cafe is covered with glass from three sides. The cafe does not serve in the library and neither offers a wifi. When asked about it, the server said that it is an Australian thing. In Australia, people come to cafes or restaurants to socialize and no one works. Well now, don’t we all wish that we were in Australia!!!

Ambiance  8/10

The restaurant has an earthy feel to it and is combined with classy brass furniture. In the summers the whole cafe is filled with bright sunlight and is a dream for book lovers. The interior sitting space offers you a choice of soft cushion covered sofas or sturdy yet classy chairs.

Servitor  7/10

The waitress had a continuous smiley face and greeted cordially. The food though took like 20 min to arrive. The atmosphere of the restaurant is laid back that you don’t mind the delay and can utilize that time to gossip with your friends(;-)).

Cuisine  7/10

This cafe as an equal number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We ordered Green Baked Egg and Breakfast bowl along with Aussie chocolate latte, Aussie iced latte, and a matcha latte.

Food tasted fresh and your taste buds will crave for more. The portion size is small i.e. one dish is enough for one person if you order a drink along with it. I rarely eat kale because of its bitter taste but Green Baked Egg was cooked kale along with sunny side up egg. let’s just say that I wanted to order another. The breakfast Bowl was simple, fresh and delicious. The Aussie latte came with a scoop of ice cream and was not too sweet and went well with the dishes.


Price   6.5/10

The cafe is a little overpriced because a drink and a dish will cost you $25 easily.

Ruling  7/10

It’s a good place to enjoy a book on a summer day or if you want to catch up with your friends and have a little extra cash.




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